Beatriz Marín-Aguilera

I am an archaeologist who works on colonialism, imperialism, and frontiers from comparative perspectives

I am Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, currently a Derby Fellow at the Department of Archaeology and the Department of History at the University of Liverpool, UK.


My aim is to get a better understanding of the intersections of race, ethnicity, societal hierarchies, and gender in the everyday life of marginalised and subaltern groups.



My previous and current work ranges from the analysis of colonial encounters in the ancient Mediterranean and the study of Christian and Islamic imperialism in medieval and early modern Ethiopia, Morocco, and Spain, to the exploration of British and Spanish colonialism in the early modern Caribbean and in early modern Chile, respectively.



Antigua & Barbuda





Driven by decolonial approaches, my research focuses on understanding human experiences during imperialism and colonial rule through the study of everyday things.

I am particularly interested in the complex relationship between material culture, the body, and frontiers in colonial territories. I analyse architecture, clothing, and body adornment, food technologies, and burials to explore continuities and discontinuities in kinaesthetic and sensorial experiences. My research challenges our understanding of what colonial and imperial frontiers did to mobile bodies and things, and how material culture and the body shaped the frontiers of colonialism themselves.

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Teaching Archaeology to Schoolers

Teaching Archaeology to Schoolers

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