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General Provisions

This website is owned and operated by Beatriz Marín-Aguilera, based in Cambridge, (England, UK).

Use of this website is at your own risk. This site is hosted on SiteGround® and take reasonable efforts to maintain and host the site. However, we make no explicit representations or warranties as to the safety or your individual use of the website. The Terms and Conditions contained on this page is subject to change at any time. By using this site you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to review these policies and be aware of any modifications.

The access to the website and the information related to any of the products and services contained within implies the acceptance of the conditions provided in this notice. Therefore, we recommend you to read its contents carefully if you wish to access and make use of the information and services offered from it.

It is possible that some of the pages of the website will have cookies, which are small data files that are generated on the user’s or client’s computer and that allow our systems to remember the chosen language and portal, as well as other features or user browser preferences from their first session. These cookies are not invasive, or harmful, and do not contain personal data, since their only function is to personalise your browsing in the manner previously expressed.

User status and permitted and prohibited uses 

Anyone accessing and/or using the website (or any other site mentioned on this notice) takes on the status of user and fully accepts these general terms and conditions from that point and without reservation as well as any specific terms and conditions that, if applicable, complement, modify or substitute the general terms and conditions in relation to certain website services and contents.

The user agrees to use the website and its services and contents without contravening current legislation, good faith, generally accepted usage and public order.

Likewise, it is prohibited to use the website for illegal or harmful purposes against the corporate name that owns the website or any third party or which in any way may cause damage or impede the normal functioning of the website.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Regarding the content (information, text, graphics, sound files, images, photographs, designs, etc…), it is forbidden:

  • Their reproduction, distribution or modification, unless you have permission from their rightful owners or it is legally permitted.
  • Any violation of the rights of the owner of the website or their rightful owners thereof.
  • Its use for all commercial or advertising purposes other than those strictly permitted.
  • Any attempt to obtain the contents of the Website by any means other than those that are available to users, as well as those usually used on the Internet provided that they cause no damage to the website.

The website owner grants no guarantee nor is liable in any event for any damages and losses of any kind that could be caused by:

  1. A lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the website and/or its services or content.
  2.  A lack of usefulness, suitability or validity of the website and/or its services or content for meeting the needs, activities or specific results or expectations of users.
  3.  The existence of viruses, malicious or harmful programs among the content.
  4. Users receiving, obtaining, storing, disseminating or transmitting the contents.
  5. Users making illegal, negligent or fraudulent use of the website, its services or contents, which is contrary to these General Terms and Conditions, good faith, generally accepted use, or public order.
  6.  The lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of services provided by third parties and made available to users on the website.
  7. The breach by third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to users via the website.

For the purposes of preserving possible intellectual property rights, in the event that any user or third party considers that a violation of their legitimate rights has occurred due to certain content being included on the website, they must notify Beatriz Marín-Aguilera of this, stating:

  1. Personal details of the interested holder of the allegedly infringed rights. If the complaint is presented by a third party other than the interested party, they must state the representation under which they act.
  2. State the content protected by intellectual property rights and where they are located on the website.
  3. Supporting evidence of the aforementioned Intellectual property rights.
  4. Express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the veracity of the information provided in the notification.

The legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights relating to the content provided by third parties is under their exclusive responsibility.

The establishment of any “hyperlink” between a web page and any of the web pages of the website shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. The full or partial reproduction of any of the website services or contents is not permitted.
  2. The web page in which the hyperlink is established shall not contain any brand, commercial name, commercial label, notice of establishment, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive sign pertaining to the website.
  3. Under no circumstances shall the website owner be responsible for content or services made available to the public within the website that includes the hyperlink, nor for any information or statements included within them.

You may NOT use Beatriz Marín-Aguilera intellectual property in any way, which includes republishing any text, image, design or other property on another website, or posting a quote or image from our site to any third party website including social media.

Duration and modifications

The website and services are provided for an indefinite duration.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the owner of the website reserves the right to halt, suspend or terminate the provision of the website service or any of the services that comprise it, under the same terms as those stated in the third condition.

Whenever deemed appropriate, the structure and design of the website may be modified unilaterally and without prior notice. Similarly, the services, content and terms and conditions of access and/or use of the website may be modified or removed.

Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy are governed by and construed in accordance with United Kingdom law. This contract is a legal document under jurisdiction of Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom courts.


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