Creating a meaningful societal impact is one of my ultimate goals. I am always involved in interactive activities and organising different initiatives to reach a wider audience. I usually do so in English, Italian, and Spanish.

– Project presentation & interview at ABS TV Radio


During my project on Antigua, I gave interviews to the national TV channel and to other media broadcasted in Antigua and Barbuda during an official debriefing.

– Project presentation & interview at ABS TV Radio


In Chile, I participated in and was interviewed for the radio programme ‘Estudio Philippi’ in 2018, a conversation that later became a podcast. I have also organised different press releases in the Araucanía region and in the area of Valdivia.

– S’Urachi project field season talk, San Vero Milis, Sardinia


In Italy and Spain, I participate regularly in open days and field talks. I have also guided archaeological tours and I did also take part in historical re-enactments.

– S’Urachi project field season talk, San Vero Milis, Sardinia


Similarly, I have led and participated in numerous outreach and widening participation events in Cambridge. Among them, I led a Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology drop-in session, where we explored the history of world native communities at the time of European contact and colonialism. Families and children created Inca khipus and learned about food exchanges. I also created a museum trail where visitors matched the objects in the trail with the communities who made them.

I am currently organising a drop-in hands-on activity for the Science Festival in Cambridge focusing on creativity beyond European colonialism. I coordinate several archaeologists who will introduce to the public different objects (swords, glazed pottery, textiles) from across the world and explain the ingenuity behind them.


I am excited to announce that I will participate by invitation in the DigNation Festival, a free virtual event profiling fascinating archaeological fieldwork around the world! It will take place on 13-14 June 2020 and I will be talking about the latest developments of my research on colonial Chile – Join me and 30+ archaeologists from all over the world and get excited and inspired by archaeology!