My teaching is research driven and interdisciplinary, with the integration of methods and school of thoughts coming from archaeology, history, ethnography, anthropology, and cultural studies.


Co-teach the modules ‘Archaeology of colonialism’ and ‘Landscapes’ for the BA in Archaeology

Contribute to the module ‘Socio-politics of the past’ for the MPhil in Heritage Studies in the Department of Archaeology

Convenor for the MPhil in Latin American Studies module ‘Culture and Indigeneity in Latin America’ in the Centre for Latin American Studies

Co-convenor for the MPhil in Early Modern History module ‘Palaeography’ (Spanish) in the Faculty of History

Previous years

Contributed to teaching ‘Archaeological theory and practice’ and ‘European Prehistory’ for the BA in Archaeology

Co-taught the MPhil in Classics seminars ‘Art and Archaeology of Power’ and ‘Culture Contact and Cultural Change’

Taught for two years ‘Archaeological Theory and Methods’ & ‘Mediterranean Archaeology’